Want a window treatment that lets an ideal amount of natural light into your home without obstructing your view to the outdoors AND saves you money in the long run? Residential window tinting is the answer! In older homes especially, window tinting is more than beneficial – it’s practical essential. We’ve come up with 8 reasons why window tinting should be your next home improvement project.
  1. Tinted windows block out harmful UV rays while letting pure sunlight in.
Signature Shutters’ window tinting stops up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home which is great for the health of you and your loved ones and helps preserve the luster of your floors and furniture. Clear, UV-free light that comes through tinted windows illuminates with NO bleaching or damaging effects.
  1. Tinted windows let you enjoy your view without overheating your home.
Without tinting, you basically have to choose between open views or heavy, view-blocking curtains and blinds. Tinted windows offer crisper, less obstructed views of the outdoors from every angle – like sunglasses for your home!
  1. Only high quality tinting can eliminate indoor glare.
Good window tint tempers incoming light and minimizes reflection. One of the biggest benefits of residential tinting by far is glare reduction. Finally you can watch TV, read on your tablet or just gaze out over your garden without the sun’s interference.
  1. You’ll have increased privacy throughout your home.
Solar control tinting increases privacy as well as curtains can, letting you enjoy unobstructed views without putting your home’s interior on display.
  1. Your windows will last longer.
If your windows lack efficiency, letting the heat in and the cold air out, window tinting lets you postpone expensive window replacement service.
  1. Less ultraviolet rays means increased comfort!
This reason is pretty obvious. Naturally with less light and less cool air loss, your home will be more comfortable as your HVAC system will be more effective year-round.
  1. You’ll save energy.
Less cool air loss in the summer along with less warm air loss in the winter thanks to residential tinting means less energy spent. When un-tinted windows cause hot spots and temperature flux around your house, your AC works harder to make up for them. Tint does away with that!
  1. You’ll save money.
Un-tinted glass could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars on your energy bills. Using less energy equals spending less money which means the “ROI” for a tint project is often quite impressive. Plus, you may decide that you don’t need to buy any fancy curtains or shutters after all! With shutters, with curtains or all on their own, tinted windows will be a beautiful, valuable asset in your home. Just remember - only high-grade tints like the ones we install at Signature Shutters come with all these benefits and more. Install this summer to start seeing the tinted difference!