If you have plantation shutters already, you should be well aware now of their many benefits, their unrivaled beauty and handy functionality.  But by now you may have also experienced a time when the shutter louvers won’t stay in the desired position. You try to open them but they fall closed, sink or sag.  Alternately, the opposite may be true when the louvers feel stuck where they are. Perhaps you’re afraid you may break them by forcing them to move. Lucky for you, a loss or an increase in louver tension is a naturally-occurring shutter phenomenon that’s easily remedied. All you’ll need to fix them is a trusty Phillips head. Over the course of time, the wood in plantation shutters can slightly expand and contract depending on temperature, humidity and other factors. This is normal. The same thing happens to hardwood floors, outdoors shutters and wooden structures of all types. The fluctuations in humidity, etc. can affect the way all the moving parts of the shutter fit together. When they get too tight or not tight enough, we simply change the tightness of the louvers a.k.a. adjust the louver tension. Here’s how to do it:

Adjusting Louver Tension

1. If possible, swing the shutter panel all the way open on its hinges. Locate the hole on each side of the shutter panel. Inside the hole is a screw called the “tension screw.” 2. Using the aforementioned Philips head screwdriver, turn the screw a quarter turn to the right to tighten the louvers or a quarter turn to the left to loosen them. Be sure to adjust the screws on both sides of the panels. Tall shutters may have more than one tension screw on each side. It's as simple as that! Additional adjustments may be required but once those are made your shutters should be back in top-notch condition. Of course, one way to avoid the tension issue almost altogether is to choose synthetic wood shutters or even hybrid shutters. In most cases, plastic plantation shutters look just as good as natural wood and they glide open and closed effortlessly. If you have any difficulty attempting to self-adjust your plantation shutters, feel free to call us. We’d be happy to help. If ever you find your shutters in need of a more complex repair or just a little extra TLC due to aging, you can count on us to do whatever it takes to bring your old shutters back to life.