If you’ve got uncovered windows, there are truly limitless treatment options available to you. Knowing which treatments to choose can feel like an impossible feat. Blinds, shades, shutters and tints… who’s to say which treatment will best suit your home and your family’s needs? When it comes to treatment shopping, you should have three main concerns: light, privacy and aesthetic. Here are just a few of the wide array of window coverings we have available at Signature Shutters along with our tips for choosing what’s best for you. Shades and Shutters What’s great about both window shades and plantation shutters is that they’re adjustable. When these types of coverings are closed, they provide plenty of privacy and lighting control yet they can still be opened to let in the sunshine. While they may not offer the same level of privacy as blackout curtains, they’re perfect for family rooms, living rooms and dining areas. The thickness of the shade’s fabric will determine the amount of light that comes through it. For example, beautiful semi-sheer window treatments correspond well with spaces that only need some subtle privacy and lots of light. Really, every room needs some natural light and our specially built shades can filter in the light while still adding privacy to first floor bedrooms, guest rooms, offices and bathrooms. The amount of light that creeps in when the shutters or shades or closed is related to where they’re mounted. Mounting window treatments outside the window box blocks more light. Tinted Windows Window tint reduces glare without blocking the view. For rooms that don’t need privacy or darkness, a simple tint goes a long way! If you have a large amount of windows around your front or back door, a tint lets you temper the blazing beams of light and keep the visibility. Having tinted, uncovered windows turns your view into a focal point but still prevent passersby from getting a full look into your home. Layering Window Coverings For the most coverage possible, simply double up your window treatments. It may sound overkill but it’s actually quite trendy to hang curtains or formal drapes on top of blinds or plantation shutters. Shades with blackout curtains overtop are often necessary in a TV or media room. They give the media room a “movie theater” effect, particularly if the drapes extend from the ceiling to the floor. They even enhance the acoustics. Baby nurseries need extreme darkness and quiet, too. You don’t want the sun sneaking in and ruining baby’s nap! Shades or sturdy, childproof shutters with curtains on top ensure that the little one stays asleep until he or she is ready to wake up. Whether you need subtle tinting or total sun-blocking shades, Signature Shutters can assist you! Call today!