Narrow-louvered, traditional “New England” shutters block the light and the view. Plantation shutters allow you to adjust the amount of natural light in a room with precise accuracy. Our plantation-style window treatments are versatile, durable and shockingly affordable. Plus, they increase your home’s resale value, adding style and privacy wherever they’re installed. Plantation shutters are popular among interior designers for kitchens and casual family rooms but with so many high quality finishes available at Signature Shutters we like to think they look good anywhere, from kids’ rooms to formal dining rooms. Signature Shutters are unlike conventional plantation shutters and it’s our craftsmanship that sets us apart. If you’re considering updating your home before or after Christmas this year, consider a stunning set of custom shutters! Plantation Shutter Customization Some companies don’t have many options in terms of window treatment design. That’s just not the Signature Shutter way. We want you to be a part of the design process. Not only can you pick the color and material of the products you purchase… With our plantation shutters, you’ll pick your shutters’ shape, width, functionality and style, too! Whatever the window shape, whatever the aesthetic, we can design the right window treatment for you. For most wide windows, two rectangular panels that open from the center or bi-fold to one side suffice for custom light and temperature control. The way your shutters work will ultimately depend on your needs, wants and windows. The most popular louver width we build is the traditional 2.5 inch width. If you have a huge room with soaring ceilings and bigger windows, the extra wide 3.5- or 4-inch louver may be a better fit. Because of the functional privacy aspect, shutters designed with a divider rail or in the double hung fashion are a popular choice for bedroom and bathroom windows. Built to Fit, Built to Last Our promise is to build window treatments that exactly fit with their environment. Maybe you have arched windows, a porthole-shaped window or some other unique architecture around your home. Celebrate that uniqueness by using window treatments that complement it seamlessly! You will never hear us tell a customer that certain shapes can’t be done with plantation shutters. Interesting window shapes are a challenge we love taking on. Don’t settle for a shutter company that merely cuts up stock shutters and pieces them back together to fit your home’s measurements. Often, they charge the same as custom builders! Get high quality, custom built shutters instead. Because they’re the perfect fit, once they’re in. you won’t want them going anywhere. Fortunately, our shutters are guaranteed to stay looking great for as long as you live in your home!