As you begin the process of shopping for plantation shutters, mini-blinds or draperies, you might want to add window films to that list.

What are Window Films?

Window films are a thin covering that can be applied to windows or glass (such as a shower door).  They can be transparent or give off illusions (etched glass), or they can block visibility all together.

Are they beneficial?

Window films provide many benefits.  They provide shade from blistering sunshine., they deter sunlight from damaging and fading draperies and furniture and most importantly, they provide significant energy savings.

How long do they last?

Well, that’s a loaded question!  The lifetime of window tinting depends on a variety of factory.  If you go with a standard quality or grade you are looking at about a five year lifespan.  As with most products, when you go up in quality, the life of the product will be extended.  The high-grade window tinting products will provide solid performance for over ten years.  We usually advise our customers to invest a little more upfront to get a better quality window tinting that will withstand the southern sun if your budget allows.

What do they look like?

Window films look like a thin sheet of plastic.  As we have previously stated they come in many forms.  Some may have a slight tint, others may have a design to look as if the edges are etched.  We have even seen window tinting that looks like a replica of a stained glass window.  Long story short, it is a very thin layering that can take on the appearance of whatever your heart desires!

How are they installed?

Window film can be a do-it yourself project or can be professionally installed depending on your preference and budget.  For the most part, window films can be cut to size and will ultimately fit any size area that you are looking to cover.  As always, the installation depends on the type of film that you choose and the manufactures guidelines for installation.

Where can I get them?

Contact us at Signature Shutter’s for our expert advice on the best options for your needs and wants.  We are here to help every step of the way.  Visit one of our showrooms or call 1-800-736-2303.