If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift to give this holiday season, look no further than Signature Shutters! They may not fit under the tree or in a stocking, but a show-stopping set of plantation shutters would be the gift your wife, husband, parent or child never saw coming. One way of delivering the holiday joy is to surprise the recipients by installing the new shutters while they’re away. Another, less shocking way is to give them a Signature Shutters gift card! With a gift card, they still get to have their own input on the design and style of their new window treatments and you still get to give them a useful, memorable Christmas present. Gift cards are especially great for plantation shutters because once installed, the shutters are considered a permanent fixture… This is one gift that can’t be returned easily. When you give the gift of plantation shutters or some of our other window treatments, you give so much more than simple home accessories. You instantly give the recipients’ home a higher resale value and over time, you’ll have given them a bundle on their energy bills too. When an appraiser walks through a house calculating its market value, plantation shutters boost the bottom line. It’s hard to say exactly how much of a boost they will be, but they are definitely an investment that pays off. As an added bonus, homes with plantation shutters sell faster than homes without them. If you know that someone in your family will be selling their home a few years down the road, the gift of shutters is a gift they’ll surely appreciate. Before they think about their resale value though, the receivers will get to bask in all the climate control benefits of their new shutters. With plantation shutters it is as easy as a flip of the wrist to control the air flow admitted into a room as well as the amount of light allowed in a room.  Shutter owners save on energy costs by letting light into a room when it’s cold outside and shutting it out when it’s hot. In total, energy savings can be as much as hundreds per year. But the best thing about plantation shutters or custom window treatments, if you don’t mind us saying so, is their clean, classic look. Inside and outside, a home with plantation shutters shows all of its beauty and elegant grace. Just imagine how the lights on the tree would look shining through timeless plantation shutters! We don’t know if anything says, “Happy Holidays!” better than that.