Bright lights and wreaths of evergreen are one way to make your home look extra special for the holidays. Adding beautiful plantation shutters from Signature Shutters is another! Plantation shutters are not your typical window treatment. They’re permanent window dressings that brings beauty and climate control year-round. They never require replacing or repairs. They instantly give windows classic visual appeal and since they’re permanent fixture, gives your home’s resale value a boost as well. Holiday house guests are sure to notice the new window treatments and appreciate the lighting and privacy options they offer. We’re positive that your family and friends will be impressed with your shutter’s sleek, classic appearance and you’ll be happy you got your window treatments taken care of as a little holiday gift to yourself. As loved ones gather at your holiday get-togethers, everyone will surely enjoy the climate control benefits of new, customized plantation shutters. It’s easy to please everyone by fine tuning the room temperature with the flick of a wrist! Plantation shutters will also add significant value to your home in 2015. Shutters never go out of style.  They add appraisal value, making them a big selling point, should you decide to put your home on the market. It’s hard to say exactly how much of a boost your specific shutters could give your home’s value but, again and again, we see that they’re an investment that pays off. As an added bonus, homes with plantation shutters sell faster than homes without them. Wouldn’t it be nice to go into the New Year confident of your home’s worth? If you call today, we could have your custom shutters installed in a few short weeks. Shutters may lead to monthly energy savings, (opening the louvers and letting light into a room when it’s cold outside and closing the louvers when it’s hot). Your energy savings total could be hundreds of dollars per year. Even with all the potential financial perks of these window treatments, the best thing about them is undoubtedly their sophisticated appearance. With Signature Shutters in your windows, your wreaths and lights are sure to look a little brighter. Plantation shutters make decorating the home more fun. Dress your windows up with “gay apparel” and Signature Shutters this holiday season!