It seems like hybrids are all the rage these days. After all, why settle for one thing when you can mix it with another equally desirable thing? You’ve probably heard of hybrid cars, hybrid dog breeds and hybrid flowers… but have you ever heard of a hybrid shutter? They mix the classic look of a traditional wood shutter with more industrially advanced materials. So what is it exactly? Put simply, a hybrid shutter is a shutter that’s part wood, part modern material. In terms of the mechanism itself, a hybrid shutter and a plantation shutter are identical. It consists of a series of louvers that you adjust with a single connective pullbar. The difference is that, while truly customized plantation shutters are generally 100 percent wood, hybrid shutters combine the best part of wood and faux wood shutters. Our hybrid shutters feature durable faux wood rails and stiles with light weight wood louvers. Hybrid style and size options are a bit more limited than with full wood, but if your needs can be met by this model, going hybrid could save you a pretty penny in window treatment costs. Stylish, versatile and really quite innovative, hybrid shutters combine the beauty of natural wood with the strength, permanence and rigidity of non-wood compounds. A micro-smooth finish polishes off the faux wood portions of the shutter for a look that’s just as luxurious as a full wood shutter in the same style. The hybrid model allows you to enjoy high quality shutters at a more affordable price. For the most part, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits  of plantation shutter owners including a great interior look, an increase in your home’s curb appeal and lower monthly energy costs. You’ll also reap the benefits that all our window treatment investors do including superior sun protection, light control, new levels of residential privacy and added home security. Available in several different variations, our interior hybrid shutters always feature lasting style, attractive finishes and exceptional craftsmanship. To check them out for yourself, or to learn more about hybrid shutters contact one of a Signature Shutters Showroom.