If you already know you need window treatments but you aren’t sure what kind of window treatment you need, you should really consider premium plantation shutters. We’ll tell you why. Because premium shutters are more expensive than plastic shutters or just plain blinds, you probably have some questions about whether or not it’s worth the investment.  There are many benefits to choosing wood shutters specifically. You may already be aware that custom plantation shutters increase your home’s overall look as well as its resale value. That value boost is significantly higher with shutters made from high quality materials and made with superior craftsmanship. Our premium interior shutters for windows are unique in that we have developed our wooden shutters to maintain their beauty over time through superior material selection, construction and assembly. They last through the years, rarely losing tension. Premium shutters on the front of your home will also up your curb appeal. When looking into a home with plantation shutters from the outside, the simple slats show beautifully and far outshine regular hanging blinds or shades. The classic sophistication of the window treatments is immediately noticeable. And it goes without saying that they’d add a classic look to the interior of your home as well. It is unknown exactly how much of a monetary benefit they can be, but they are widely considered an overall benefit no matter how many windows you choose to cover. If you aren’t sure about covering every window with a shutter, kitchens, living rooms, sun rooms and master bedrooms looks particularly great with plantation shutters. Shutters are typically custom fitted to the windows of a specific house and once installed they are considered a permanent fixture. Permanent fixtures cannot be removed. Since they’re on for good, you should invest in the highest quality fixture you can afford. Most appraisers will recognize a premium real wood shutter right away! As an added bonus, it is important to note that homes with plantation shutters sell faster than homes without them. Update your windows with shutters this year and you’re sure to reap the benefits whenever you choose to relocate. In addition to curb appeal and resale value, premium shutter may even assist with energy savings. With plantation shutters, it is as easy as a flip of the wrist to save on energy costs by using natural light to affect the temperature. Cost savings can be as much as hundreds a year!