Construction Types

While most shutter manufactures use wood dowels to fasten their parts, Signature Shutters fastens components together with screws, tongue/groove joints and glue. Signature Shutters utilizes state of the art engineering standards and materials so, failure of joints is not an issue. For example, other shutter manufacturers might use wood dowels and wood stiles to fasten joints together. By using the same material (wood in this case) they have the same reaction to heat, humidity, weight, etc. Same materials will expand and contract the same. In the case of a wood dowel inserted into a wood stile, the dowel will expand, thus enlarging the hole, then upon shrinking will leave a gap between the dowel and wall of the holeā€¦. resulting in joint failure. Signature Shutters, uses steel and wood together and the result is no joint failure. We also tongue and groove joints, allowing extra surface area for our glue to adhere to, adding shear strength. Click here to see our construction features charts. In addition to the use of more expensive fasteners, we also tongue and groove the joint to allow extra surface area for our glue to adhere to, and to add shear strength.