Rectangular Products

The Louver Shop will customize your rectangular shutter to present a variety of styles and impressions. You can choose a louver size and we can help you with the rest. Just take a peek at our assortment of choices: Louver Sizes: 4 louver sizes (width of louver); 1 ¾”, 2 ½”, 3 ½” & 4 ½”. Divider Rails: This is the sold wood piece that will allow your window to look like two separate shutters but, be all inclusive: 4” tall Divider Rail available for 2 ½” and 4 ½” louvers 3” tall Divider Rail available for 1 ¾” and 3 ½” louvers Tilt Arms or Pullbars: The pullbar links the shutters together and allows you to open and close the louvers. You can choose a solid pullbar or you can split them.  The split pullbar can be severed in-between any two louvers. This results in two independent pullbars allowing you to close one set, while leaving the other louver rack open. Quantity of PanelsThe entire look of your room can be changed by choosing different quantities of panels for an identical opening. You and your consultant can decide on quantity of panels once you decide what look you are wanting to achieve. Mounting Application: Shutter installation is divided into 2 families; the Inside Mount, and the Frame Mount. o   Inside Mount: The inside mount is the original shutter mounting method. The panels are attached to your window opening via wooden strips located behind the panels. This gives you the “built-in” feel. o   Frame mount: The frame mount is the most common and easiest installation method. By mounting to the surface of your window casing or sheetrock, the shutter installation is un-impacted by any issues of your individual window opening, such as unevenness. Be sure to ask your sales consultant about the different mounting applications available to you.  

Specialty Shutters & Other Products

Curved Palladian Windows: Plantation Shutters are an excellent choice in treating curved or palladium windows. We custom template each unique window opening, so you can be rest assured that the shutter built for your unique window will fit beautifully . French Doors: With the recent popularity of lever door latches, The Louver Shop has developed a French cutout designed to accommodate this hardware. Our French cut is unique in its one-piece construction and 4-sided finish.  

Tracks and Sliders

When covering large openings, or an opening where you wish to have the shutters fully retract from the window or door, select from our track product line. There are two tracked shutter families: The slider and the Bi-fold. The Slider Family distinguishes itself from the bi-fold family in that the panels always remain parallel to the window opening. One or more shutters are ganged together and slide as one unit to the left or right. A passage through the opening is created by mounting the gangs onto separate tracks, located in front and/or behind each other The Bi-fold track configuration utilizes a single track where all panels are mounted. Panels are hinged together either as one set (folding either to the left or right), or as two opposing sets of panels (one folding to the left, one folding to the right). When folded back, either configuration rests in an accordion fashion as a dense pack of panels extending in a perpendicular orientation from the window opening.