If you’re looking for a unique way to enhance your home before the annual holiday hubbub begins, look no further than Signature Shutters. Plantation shutters are so much more than simple home accessories. They instantly give your windows a major facelift and, since they’re permanent fixtures, give your home’s resale value a little lift, too. Your holiday house guests are sure to notice the new window treatments and appreciate the lighting and privacy options they offer. We’re positive that your family and friends will be impressed with your shutter’s sleek, classic appearance and you’ll be happy you got your window treatment conundrum taken care of before the chaos of the Christmas season! The loved ones gathered at your holiday dinner parties and get-togethers will surely enjoy the climate control benefits of new plantation shutters. With plantation shutters, it’s easy to please everyone. With a mere flick of the wrist, your visitors can change the amount of light and warmth from the sun allowed in a room. If you use this feature wisely over time, your shutters can even lead to monthly energy savings which will help counteract those costly Christmas utility bills. Expert shutter users save on annual energy costs by letting light into a room when it’s cold outside and shutting it out when it’s hot. Some homeowners’ energy savings can total hundreds per year. If you’re even vaguely considering changing homes sometime in 2015, getting new window treatments that add value to your home such as plantation shutters before the end of the year and before the end-of-year holidays is a great idea. Plantation shutters boost your home’s market value. It’s hard to say exactly how much of a boost your specific bay of shutters could be but they are almost always an investment that pays off. As an added bonus, homes with plantation shutters sell faster than homes without them. Wouldn’t it be nice to go into the New Year confident in your home’s worth? If you call today, we could have your custom shutters cut and installed just in time for winter. Even with all these fringe benefits we’ve mentioned, the best thing about getting plantation shutters or custom window treatments before Thanksgiving rolls around is undoubtedly their attractive appearance. With good, solid shutters in your windows, your holiday décor is sure to pop a bit more this year! From the inside looking out or the outside looking in, a home with plantation shutters just gives off a pleasant, homey vibe… you might even call it tidings of comfort and joy!