We often sing the praises of plantation shutters in general. Nearly every plantation shutter on the market will add beauty, privacy and natural light control to whatever window it covers. When you’re ready to pick out plantation shutters for your home, it’s important to know what makes Signature Shutters the best shutters out there. We believe that our careful craftsmanship, our willingness to customize and our exceptional service, among other core values, make our window treatments greater than the standard plantation shutter product. Custom Craftsmanship Some companies just aren’t flexible with their designs. Typically, this is because their plantation shutters are mass produced and re-cut to fit different window sizes. We custom-build our shutters and we always keep our customers involved in the design process. With our plantation shutters, you’re able to pick your shutters’ shape, louver width, color, material… anything is possible thanks to our custom craftsmanship! Whatever the window shape, whatever the style, we’ll make it happen. We can construct plantation shutters for arches, round windows, angled windows and more. We’ve never told a customer that a certain shape can’t be covered with plantation shutters and we’re fairly sure we never will. For wood shutters and hybrid shutters, we even sand and finish components by hand to better bring out the natural beauty of the raw materials. Stylish Versatility Interiors experts favor plantation shutters for kitchens and casual family rooms. They use them to create a beachy, laidback looks and add a “Southern charm” to large bay windows. With so many amazing design options available at Signature Shutters, we like to think that any room can be improved with the right shutters. Bring privacy to the bathroom and leave the shutters bare or frame a set of shutters with opulent curtains in a formal dining space. We guarantee that any window in any room can be enhanced with a Signature Shutter. Incredible Value Installing plantation shutters is a pretty smart financial move in addition to being a chic design decision. Our custom shutters increase houses’ resale value. You may not be able to move your shutters to your new place, but you’ll still gain from the loss. Superior Service   Over the past 27 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve installed over 100,000 shutters and window treatments in residential and commercial spaces all over the country. During an installation project, we make our presence in your home as unobtrusive as possible and we always leave our worksites spotless. Our dedicated staff is extremely committed to customer satisfaction and capable of solving any window treatment problem you may experience… just ask some of our past clients!