Austere Sheer & Twilight Opaque

Kirsch Austere Sheer fabric naturally filters the harshness of sunlight, allowing only its soothing warm glow to enter your room while still providing a sense of the outside world. Kirsch Twilight Opaque fabric provides the ultimate in privacy and light control by blocking 99.9% of outside light. For complete control over the light and your privacy, marry Austere Sheer with Twilight Opaque in a Day/Night shade. Creating your room's mood is entirely in your hands. View Models | Options

Atlantis Woven

The subtlety of texture and the way sunlight plays upon it makes Atlantis Woven Cellular Shades a movable masterpiece. Light alters as the sun rises and falls in the sky, yet the vibrant color of Atlantis Woven fabric continues to shine. View Models | Options

Abacos & Zileana Woven

A trace of linen and tighter weave imbue Abacos Woven with a deeper texture that gives this fabric a character all its own. Zileana Woven, meanwhile, is a more traditional woven fabric. Its bold, beautiful colors and consistent texture command attention. Both are semi-opaque fabrics that effectively dampen light and provide privacy. View Models | Options


An unabashed celebration of color, Mosaic lives to transform any window into the centerpiece of the room. The soft, spun lace fabric is available in a range of cell sizes, freeing you to mix and match to any window, any décor. Classic Linen Print proudly lands on elegant simplicity. Its uncomplicated textures and classic patterns will endure through time. Arctic Print is a softer, subtler design offered in a palette of neutral and trend-right tones. View Models | Options


There's nothing wrong with classic, as Classique elegantly demonstrates. In fact, these sturdy, solid fabrics can offer balance and symmetry to your décor. Not to mention beauty and insulation. View Models | Options  
  • Cellular construction offers energy efficiency
  • Seamless fabric offers an uninterrupted clean look
  • Available in specialty shapes for hard-to-fit windows