Window treatments vastly impact the amount of natural light in your home, of course, but they can also affect the temperature of a space, the appearance of a room, the amount of privacy around the house and the resale value of a home. With so much at stake, choosing the right window treatment is no small task. In general, there are three main options to consider when picking a window treatment: shutters, blinds and shades. Shutters Plantation shutters have a classic, striking look that will last lifetime. They boost the value of your home and they almost never need replacing since they’ll never bend or tangle. In these respects they can’t be beat. Still if you like to have a high level of control when it comes to the level of light in a room, then blinds or shades may be for you since shutters can only be opened and closed. They can’t be raised and lowered. Blinds In many ways, blinds are the most versatile window treatment option. They offer home owners the most control over lighting because they can be open and closed as well as raised and lowered. The slats are generally thinner than the ones that come inside a plantation shutter and sometimes not as durable. Shades Shades are perhaps the most unique window treatment option. They filter sunlight through their woven fibers unlike blinds and shutters that use solid slats. Depending on their color and opacity, shades can create a range of lighting designs. They might add a warm tone to your home’s natural light or block outside light altogether. They can be raised and lowered like blinds but there is no way for them to be opened or closed.   Once you picked what kind of window treatment you want there’s still a number of decisions to be made about their color, texture and style. With so many decisions to be made, we offer computer-generated previews of whatever window treatment you choose so that we can guarantee you’ll love your windows for years to come.