Deciding on a window treatment for your home can be a complex process but at Signature Shutters we make it simpler by providing you with ample treatment options, using our decades of experience to guide the design and taking any input you might have very seriously. Once you know what direction you want to go in, the whole process can be broken into four steps…
  1. Pre-Planning
The first phase of a shutter installation is the planning or pre-planning phase. This refers to the decision-making time that has to occur before the shutters can be made and installed. For this part of your window treating journey, you may want to shop around and examine some model window treatments in person. You can do this at any one of our five Signature Shutters showroom locations! You’ll need to decide what sizes and shapes you’d like your shutters to be and you’ll have to pick out stain and paint. To determine all these things, in addition to looking at some shutters in real life, you should think about the room’s décor, the room’s function and the function of the shutters themselves i.e. filtering light vs. blocking it completely.
  1. Custom Construction
Some plantation shutter makers cut the shutters to size from pre-made stock. To ensure long lasting beauty, we select only the finest kiln dried lumber to reduce warping, assemble components in a way that prevents separation and use solid non-fingerjointed hardwoods to eliminate sap bleed and cracking. Our measure-and-cut competitors are often the very same companies that use flimsy materials and even flimsier wood dowels to fasten their shutters together. Our shutters are custom made to your specifications using master wood-working techniques and well-engineered steel joint fasteners. In addition to the use of more expensive, longer-lasting fasteners, we also “tongue and groove” the joint to allow extra surface area for our glue to adhere to which adds both strength and durability. All this means this phase of pre-installation may take a little longer at Signature Shutters, but your windows will stay beautifully covered a lot, lot longer.
  1. Installing At Last!
Once the shutters have been hand-crafted, it’s time to install! This phase of the process shouldn’t take long at all – not nearly as long as planning or constructing. Our install crews are professional and friendly plus they have plenty of previous experience installing plantation shutters. Something we’re known for is installing shutters for oddly shaped and hard-to-reach windows. That magic happens in this third phase of the window treatment installation process!
  1. The Final Product
When they’re finished installing, our staff will pack up and leave your space clean and tidy so you can enjoy the final product. Stop glare and heat in its tracks keeping your shutters closed or let in the morning light by opening them up. Our louvers are as easy to adjust as they are good-looking and they should stay that way for a lifetime of use!