Before you decide to replace ALL the windows in your home because the ones you have let in heat and produce harsh glare, check out this affordable solution. Whether your windows have old, outdated glass or costly heat-trapping tendencies, a residential window tint treatment can help. Window tinting is an effective, affordable alternative to window replacement that makes even decades’ old glass like new. The thin, clear panes of years past could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars on your energy bills each month. That’s kind of like throwing money out the window! Tinted windows can save you tons of money in air-conditioning costs and the whole process costs far, far less than purchasing a whole new set of windows. Window tinting is easy to apply so the installation is safer than window replacement as well. No transporting heavy, sharp, highly fragile panes of glass required. Low-e (low emissivity) tints are a super energy efficient tinting option. Emissivity is the amount of heat entering and exiting your home. The more emissivity your home has, the more temperature fluctuation it has too. Low-e window tinting stops up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home. This can drastically decrease cool air loss, thereby slashing your monthly air conditioning bills while keeping you and your family comfortable. You’ll be shocked when you see how much you can save in spring and summer. Plus, with no UV radiation, you don’t need to worry about sun-bleached floors and furniture anymore. Tinting does more than reduce your electricity bills and help you avoid window replacement. It also reduces window glare. Another benefit of tinted windows is that they let in an ideal amount of natural light. Finally you can stop squinting at your window, wishing for heavy curtains to block out the glare. With window tinting, there’s no need for dramatic blackout treatments. Like a nice pair of sunglasses for your house, tinted windows actually allow you a clearer view of your yard and a more ideal level of indoor light. Tinted windows don’t even need window treatments! You can take in unobstructed views while still enjoying some degree of protection from the sun. You’ll save a bundle on blinds and curtains, especially on those beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and you’ll get to enjoy the sleek, curtain-less look of tinted glass. With shutters, with curtains or all on their own, tinted windows are a beautiful, valuable design choice!